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I’ve directed you to this blog because you were formerly invited to attend photo nights with Nanine and were subscribed to a listserv for the gatherings. Mary and I have a gameplan for the photo nights and a few speakers lined up. When we opened the space, one of the objectives of having it was to create a community for photographers and a place where we could get together and inspire one another. We’re hoping this new venture will combine our desire to give back to the world while getting some inspiration from some wonderful photographers. Here are the dates as we have them so far:

We’re holding the lectures at the LLI Studio in Savage Mill. Each speaker will choose a charity to donate proceeds from the event. We’ll be giving suggested donation amounts to attendees. We may need to limit the number of attendees for the events for some of the speakers. We’ll provide the space, the speakers, the chips and munchies, you provide whatever beverage you choose to drink and/or share. Check back here for updates and we’ll be sure to post from the events and with more info as we have it.  Thanks! Jennifer and Mary 



Hi! We are Jennifer Domenick and Mary Gardella of Love Life Images, Inc. in Savage, MD. We are excited to present this new lecture series that we will hold at the LLI studio in Savage, MD. The photo nights were started by former Baltimore Sun Photographer Nanine Hartzenbusch. Nanine was a great leader and she brought in many wonderful speakers, but she and her husband have moved on to Charlotte, NC and we are left with a hole in the photography community. Mary and I have hosted random photo nights in the past, but are now excited to take over the leadership. We are going to put our own spin on the events and ask that participants contribute to a charity of the speaker’s choosing. We have a great space that we want to share with other photographers. The studio is located in Savage, MD in a historic textile mill. You can see some photos below. Check back here for announcements  about the upcoming dates and speakers. Thanks! Jennifer 13.jpg16.jpg 

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