Hellooooo! Photo Nights folks, we’re baaaack

Hi everyone! 

So, it’s been a long silence from us as we have been working on some other projects, but we’re back and ready to announce our 2009 speakers. 

We’re  going to try this a bit different for 2009. We’re not going to ask for a specific donation for the speaker, but if you WANT to donate, then go for it. Call it the economic meltdown special..or whatever title you can think of that is more fitting. In the donation’s place, we are going to have a silent auction of a few of the speaker’s prints. 

Also, we’re bringing back the potluck portion of the evening. Yes, just the things photographer’s love: food, drink and photos. So, keep posted for the upcoming announcements in the next few weeks to see who’ll be inspiring us in 2009. Hope you can make it!

Jenn and Mary


1 Response to “Hellooooo! Photo Nights folks, we’re baaaack”

  1. 1 Ingrid
    March 6, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    I’m looking forward to attending.

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